InSession Film Podcast

Note: Because we recorded this right after our main show this week, our technical issues were still there, unfortunately, so you may hear a little echo in the background at times. Once again, we apologize, but also again, this episode is a TON of fun. And Blake and DJ continue to give JD crap over P-51 Dragon Fighter.


This week on our InSession Film Podcast: Extra Film segment, we continue our discussion on Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but this time in fun, SPOILER territory. We not only discuss <em>Captain America 2</em>, but also lots of other fun Marvel stuff, including Falcon vs War Machine, the Twins & much more. We discuss the possible future of Marvel and how everything in Cap 2 will change the future of the Marvel Movie Universe. Again, be warned, that we discuss SPOILERS about everything Marvel, not just Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This was a lot of fun though and we hope you enjoy geeking out with us.


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