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On Episode 14, we review Fast & Furious 6, discuss our Top 3 car cashes in film and continue our Before Series where we look at Richard Linklater's Before Sunset. 

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On Episode 13, we review J.J. Abrams new film, Star Trek Into Darkness, discuss our Top 3 Sci-Fi characters in film and begin our brand new Before Series where we review Before Sunrise.

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On Episode 12, we review Baz Luhrmann's new film, The Great Gatsby, discuss our Top 3 Novel Movie Characters, start a new game called "What Are the Chances" and have a bittersweet farewell.

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In Episode 11, we review Iron Man 3, discuss the Top 3 trilogies of all time and finish our Baz Lurhmann series and review his 2008 film, Australia. Plus a little bonus content at the end with a spoiler review of Iron Man 3.

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On episode 10, we review Michael Bay's Pain & Gain, give our Top 3 Action Comedies, and continue our Baz Luhrmann Series and review his 2001 film, Moulin Rouge! 

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